Litigation Support can strengthen your legal case and impact final outcome.  Once considered fairly exotic, opinions and appearances of experts in legal cases is now commonplace and necessary.   As a qualified expert, DryerCPA provides clarity in complex financial issues, tax concepts and valuations during legal proceedings.  Expert testimony is often required in a court case where a financial claims are made, valuation of personal assets or business interests is being challenged, damages are being sought or confusion exists about what happened to financial resources.  This may be in conjunction with transfer of wealth, marital dissolution proceedings, business disputes, fraud concerns or economic loss to business or person(s).

We pride ourselves on non-biased and justifiable opinions and valuation reports through the use of industry-accepted and standardized methodologies. This gives us the ability to confidently represent and defend our conclusions in court or assess the conclusion of another party.

Litigation Support is not included in a business valuation but is a separate service offered by Dryer CPA. We are available for expert testimony in defense of our work or for interpretation, investigation and clarification of another opinion/report.

We meet with clients or representing legal counsel as far in advance of the court dates as possible. This allows us to better determine the nature and extent of work to be performed, adequately understand the issues of the case, and effectively prepare our testimony. Call us for an appraisal or assistance with your court case.

Litigation Support


Business valuations and financial issues in court cases such as divorce, business/partnership disputes and dissolution’s, lost profits and economic damages are complicated.

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