• INTRODUCTIONS: Initially, we ask specific questions to get a better understanding of your particular circumstances for a business valuation or forensic accounting project. You are under no obligations or costs during this phase, we will offer solutions and any recommendations concerning your issues or questions.

  • ENGAGEMENT: Upon investing a reasonable amount of time to understand your specific requirements, we will prepare an engagement agreement describing in detail what is to be valued or researched, along with the purpose or use of the findings, or appraisal results. The agreement will outline our fee costs and arrangement for payment.

  • DOCUMENTATION: We are required to ask for and obtain relevant information to perform the appraisal or perform the forensic work. In a typical valuation or forensic accounting engagement you will be asked to provide us with a requested documents and pertinent information contained within questions and forms we provide for your completion.

  • VALUATION/FORENSIC QUANTIFICATION: We will analyze financial information and make certain adjustments according to the unique practices of the business and owners pertinent to the valuation case. We then apply economic and industry demographic information relating to the particular
    business or professional practice and reconcile the indications of value from various valuation methods to form a final opinion of value. In forensic accounting work, we trace monies and apply our expertise in financial matters and accounting through various avenues to quantify the loss and defend the client. Forensic cases are tailored to the client we work with, depending on the concern, and whether it is a business or personal matter.

  • REPORT AND TESTIFYING: We will produce a report that is the result of our work. Each valuation is documented in a selected reporting style or type, depending on the purpose and use. We can also provide litigation support and expert testimony related to our work and findings or the work of other professionals. Additional fees and engagement contracts are required for litigation support and expert testimony.


Business valuations, lost profits, taxes and financial issues in divorce are complicated.

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